BMP Productions is an Umbrella

CEO and Founder- Barbara Miller

  • It was a real production becoming me! Master of Transformation creating a life worth living against unbelievable odds.
  • Professional Keynote Speaker- Another path, I carved by hand
  • Published Author
  • Founder of the BMP Method events
  • Produced the DVD The Choices YOU Make
  • Creating many career opportunities
  • Learn about becoming a licensed BMP Quit Smoking Consultant
  • Barbara has amazing plans on producing more! Next on the list is a not for profit scholarship Foundation

“Creating wealth is about what money can DO! Not what money can buy”

My team is expanding internationally. If you would like to get involved with the process of revolutionizing the way the world quits nicotine, I urge you to contact me now.


Short Bio

Barbara Miller is the creator of the BMP Method, a unique non-pharmaceutical, live event, for nicotine addicts who struggle and find quitting impossible and just too difficult.

She knows all about challenges and extreme adversity from her own inspirational story of triumph over tragedy going back to when she was only eight years old. She had a vision and knew her destiny was to be a living example of what is possible.

On the way from catatonic foster child to an accomplished keynote speaker, Barbara perfected the art of transformation and is passionate about sharing what she has learned in four decades of an uphill struggle to find happiness, health, and success against insurmountable odds. She has carved an extraordinary, solo journey and has handcrafted a map for others who struggle in life to follow.  Her life mission is to inspire and empower people of all ages to understand what is possible even in ridiculous circumstances.

“If it is in your thoughts and heart, it can be your reality. It doesn’t matter that it looks or seems impossible. It doesn’t matter that you can’t see how. Learning from others speeds up the success process. Learning for all is ongoing.”

Barbara is a self-made woman and has the rights to the title “Master of Transformation”. Today her focus is touring with the live, How to Quit Nicotine bootcamps internationally. Her work comes from the Award-Winning book How to Quit Smoking Even If You Don’t Want To.


For interviews, please contact Barbara direct or toll-free on 1-888-SOS-NEWLife (767-6395).