About the Founder & CEO

Barbara Miller – the Master of Transformation

Barbara Miller was a former one-and-a-half pack smoker. She is passionate about turning fear and doubt into hope for smokers. She shows them with detailed precision, how to eliminate a smoker’s suffering.  She shows a crystal-clear, action-based path to follow that leads them to end the nicotine addiction once and for all. A master of transformation, Barbara is a vibrant and entertaining workshop/bootcamp facilitator. She is a true pioneer and leader in the nicotine addiction recovery field.

As the Founder and CEO of BMP Productions, Barbara’s life mission is to inspire and empower people of all ages to understand the reality of what is possible. Her motto is:

“If it is in your thoughts and heart it can be in your reality. It does not matter that it looks or seems impossible. It does not matter that you can’t see how. Learning from others speeds up the success process. Learning for all; is on-going.”

Her bootcamp type workshops are interactive, believe it or not fun!  She makes learning entertaining with her humor. She is also a competent inspirational speaker on many other topics that are needed in today’s troubled world. Barbara’s purpose for launching her business was inspired by her own story of resilience where she overcame insurmountable obstacles against unbelievable odds. At age three she had suffered a tremendous loss and was traumatized to the point of being catatonic. Even though she would go on to suffer two more significant traumas by age seven her spirit and life would be saved as she learned about the concept of forgiveness at age four. It gets worse! At only five years, almost six years old, Barbara suffered from a misdiagnosis causing her to be denied access to the traditional first twelve years of the academic school system. Even though her odds were stacking up she would embrace an extraordinary mission to succeed.

With a Baptist background, at only eight years old, Barbara felt her calling was to live as an example of what is possible against insurmountable almost unbelievable odds. At a very young age, she knew that to accomplish this she would need to “Stay alive” and undo damages. It started with a vow and not permitting any addictions in her life. It also meant suicide was not permitted!

Her self-education began at home at age seventeen. At nineteen, Barbara fought her educational misdiagnoses and the ridicules indoctrination that came with it. With pure determination to prove to herself her brain did, in fact, work! She clawed her way for three years with at the time, un-diagnosed cancer that caused chronic fatigue. Sleeping up to sixteen hours a day made getting her grade twelve that much more difficult. With pure, raw persistence, to finally see and learn the academic work she was denied, Barbara did receive her academic grade twelve.

smoking-smoke-coach-bmp-methodBarbara’s Thyroid cancer was detected and removed at age twenty-five. She says,

“Life is much easier when you can stay awake.”

With a thirst for knowledge and healing from her traumas, her Personal Home Study continued for over thirty-five years. A true pioneer, she has carved a path to success against all odds. Barbara has earned the title Master of Transformation! She has the right to say she has a PHD (Personal Home Development.)

She is qualified to lead. Qualified to teach. A self-made woman, she turned her life around from working as a shy dishwasher at age fifteen to starting her first profitable business at age twenty-six. She published How to Quit Smoking Even If You Don’t Want To in the year 2000. She has created wealth and authentic happiness despite impossible almost unbelievable circumstances not mentioned here. Not only did she survive, Barbara is also the founder of Suicide Prevention Task Force in 2010. (Facebook)

She wants to help the mass population that is struggling like she once did. Some of Barbara’s achievements include:

  • A true pioneer and living as an example of what is possible against epic odds
  • Qualified to lead the way for others who suffer
  • In 2016, received Gold Seal Literacy Award for the new 2017 edition of her book, How
    to Quit Smoking Even If You Don’t Want To
  • Developed the BMP Method into live, interactive, fun, events
  • Experienced in presenting and entertaining Radio and TV shows
  • New York Media trained with the National Publicity Summit in 2009
  • Toastmasters’ CTM Certificate
  • Keynote Speaker about today’s sensitive and relevant social issues including Suicide Prevention and Prevention of Addictions
  • Seasoned and entertaining workshop facilitator to corporations and organizations looking to help their employees who smoke follow a proven plan to improve their health and quit smoking

Barbara is passionate about giving back to her community. For ten years she dedicated her time to be on the Greater Victoria Ambassador Committee.

Currently she volunteers her time with the Esquimalt Neighbour House in the Seniors Center. She has plans to create a legacy in honoring the importance education and will create a Scholarship Foundation that will help less fortunate children to further their studies.

Currently residing in the beautiful city of Victoria on Vancouver island.

She tours the globe and dances like no one is watching!