Reviews From Happy Clients

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I met Barbara in early February 1999, I thought I would go through the rest of my life as a smoker. I feel I owe her so very much for being herself and for what both she and BMP Method have given me. I am 49 years old and I feel that I have been given a second chance on life. I intend to enjoy my new life and a non-smoker to the fullest. I am a satisfied client and highly recommend her method. “Barbara’s Plan” worked and will continue to work for me. Thank you, Barbara, I owe you so much!

Brian Mons

Former 30-year smoker, 2 packs a day

Before I tried Barbara’s plan and method, I never thought I could go four hours without a cigarette, now I know I can. Barbara showed me how to get to this point.”

C Anolick

I was able to quit smoking using the BMP Method. I received more info and a better understanding on how to quit smoking from your 8-hour course than I did from the Military ‘Butt Out’ Program that consisted of weekly group meetings for 10 weeks. Thank you so much!”

Cary Moore


My name is Dr. Deegan, with an active practice at Tillicum Mall Medical Clinic. I have come to know Barbara Miller as a patient and an expert as a Nicotine Addiction Consultant.

I have studied her work extensively and it is with great pleasure that I can endorse what is known as the BMP Method. I have come to learn that her program is unlike anything I have seen before. It is an original work, that, when utilized properly, can, in fact, eliminate the suffering often associated with quitting nicotine.

Barbara comes across with the confidence that her work can revolutionize the way people quit nicotine. I trust her enthusiastic efforts and caring concerns. She demonstrates significant experience and excellent insights with respect to the needs and challenges encountered with the known struggles involved with quitting nicotine. Her confidence is underscored by the success I have witnessed with patients who have implemented her recommendations.

This endorsement comes from a medical point of view and I highly recommend this as a course of action for smokers and those who use the vape.

Dr. M Deegan

Family Practice Tillicum Mall Medical Clinic, Victoria B.C.

US Review

Dr. Raphael Lewis

Dr. Brian Walsh

Dr. Martin Collis