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Dear smoker,

Do you think you have tried it all? Are you tired of failing? This time it will be different!

The BMP Method is the only non-pharmaceutical program in the world that delivers on its Nicotine Addiction Recovery promise without all the drama and hassle or suffering. With years of experience of working with smokers (nicotine addicts), I have come to learn they have the same complaints and problems:

  • They are sick of failing
  • They say there is a part of themselves that doesn’t really want to quit
  • They feel they are giving something up
  • They don’t understand why quitting is so hard for them
  • They know smoking is bad for them but still smoke
  • Many of them think they have tried it all
  • Some have given up saying it’s hopeless or impossible
  • They are afraid they will become horrible to be around
  • They think they will always be in a state of cravings
  • They keep trying Cold Turkey even though they know it doesn’t last
  • They are afraid of gaining weight
  • They don’t want to become the dreaded reformed self-righteous ex-smoker
  • They have no idea how to get ready to quit
  • Some think they are ready but not sure exactly when is the best time
  • They procrastinate
  • They say they don’t have willpower
  • They believe  vaping is not harmful
  • They will doubt that The BMP Method will work for them
  • Some may claim their addiction is worse than others

100% of participants who attend our live events leave with all these issues solved. They will all tell you they now know why it was difficult in the past and how to eliminate the suffering often associated with quitting nicotine. They leave with an action plan. They know exactly what to do and when. Procrastination is replaced with excitement and enthusiasm.

Want to stop smoking? Let’s get started.

Don’t be afraid to try – be afraid of smoking forever!