Individuals Or Groups Seeking Confidentiality

We work with VIPs, celebrities and other individuals desiring complete privacy.

We encourage you to avoid the limelight and escape to Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Barbara can also travel to your city on request to meet at a discreet location of your choosing.

  • Any information regarding VIPs and when they’re in town is strictly confidential
  • There will never be any reason to divulge any details now or in the future
  • The heart of the act is integrity
  • This program is interactive
  • Individuals share personal details about their life in response to questions asked during the event No recording devices or cameras will be present in the room or on the facilitator.
  • We also request cell phones and Cameras be put away.

There is no amount of money that could be paid to Barbara Miller and or anyone else employed with BMP Productions that could compromise any of the above.

Why someone wants confidentiality is immaterial.

If you would like to start the confidential process, please get in touch below.


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