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We are passionate about leading the way to end nicotine addiction. We work with companies who respect their workforce, knowing that a healthy top-line drives overall success.

We are the only live, non-pharmaceutical, quit smoking plan and method in the world that promises to eliminate the suffering often associated with quitting nicotine. Our clients believe that health and wellness impact the entire organization.

“When you look after the top-line, the bottom-line speaks for itself”

Call us toll-free on 1-877- SOS-New Life (767-6395) to book a 30-minute presentation on how the BMP Method does, in fact work and how we can give a program guarantee.

What We Offer

Live Bootcamp Extravaganza:

  1. A one-day group for up to 15 people is 10 hrs
  2. The three-day event for up to a maximum of 108 people

Do you care about your staff who smoke?

This one-of a-kind event is exclusive for companies who want the best health perks and education for valued employees.

  • Your staff will learn, through this non-pharmaceutical cure* how to eliminate the suffering when attempting to quit. This significantly increases the success ratio.
  • This generous benefit will empower your staff with transformative knowledge that will save lives.
  • The impact of such a benefit speaks volumes to your core values as a company’s bottom line is impacted by the health and moral of its workforce which drives the top-line.

*Definition of cure: “…eliminating the suffering from a known medical condition.”
(source: Wikipedia)

Benefits experienced by our clients include:

  • Companies take pride in making this life-changing event possible to their valued personnel.
  • Staff feel like a valued asset.
  • Workplace morale is uplifted with fewer off-the-record smoke breaks.
  • Increasing non-smokers on staff is a good investment for many reasons. Education of this magnitude generates a more powerful, health-driven workforce.

Your workforce will experience:

  • Immediate powerful transformations (groups of 15 participants are 10 hours)
  • Thought-provoking innovative ideas that create a lasting impact
  • The truth behind what causes failure when trying to quit and how to plan for success
  • A savvy, entertaining, genuine facilitator who delivers a revolutionary system with humor

Case Studies

Client profile: The Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) currently has a staff of 18,000.

The Challenge: A

BMP Productions mission was to implement this program as a non-pharmaceutical benefit to companies. As a new and innovative program, skepticism was high. Obtaining a high-end endorsement seemed like a great way to generate a positive perception within the public. After several meetings with high-ranking VIHA officials, a contract was offered for its staff of over 18,000 workers. This offer came as a pleasant surprise, to say the least!

The Challenge: B

  • To implement the BMP Method to assist staff at all levels in quitting smoking.
  • To provide evidence that quitting smoking does not have to be as difficult as the mass populations believes.

Our Solution

  • To assist and inform VIHA workers with information of the new benefit and to post information about live events.
  • Willing to drive long distances to other towns on Vancouver Island.
  • To provide feedback sheets to monitor attendance and overall happiness with the program and event.
  • Offer discounts for higher attendance.

The Results

  • As the authority on health, it is important for the image of this highly regarded organization to assist smokers with as much help with this issue as possible. They are known to lead the way forward and show a public example of what is important. BMP Productions was part of this positive and progressive foot forward.
  • 100% of participants did agree that with the BMP method in place they could see how quitting did not have to be so difficult. They could see that there really was a way out. There was hope. Some participants gave Barbara, the only facilitator, hugs with happy tears of knowing they can in fact quit smoking.
  • The mandatory feedback sheets were written by Barbara Miller and the questions about the event was approved by directors. The favorable results of the feedback sheets had much to do with renewing the three consecutive contracts.
Client profile: A smoker’s limited, disempowering, belief system prevents them from succeeding in quitting.

The Challenge: Dealing with the habit (Key #1)

To show the path of success step-by-step. The smoker lights up first thing after wakening, before her feet even hit the floor. She says, “If I can’t go two hours in the morning without a smoke, how can I ever quit?”

Our Solution

The smoker makes a conscious decision to wait 10 minutes in the morning before lighting up. When this starts to feel alright, they next wait for 20 minutes, then 30, then 50 and then up to one hour each morning. They cannot go back once this decision is made. Success breeds success. They will not only learn how to get ready to quit, but FEEL success is on it’s way.

The Results

  • The client carried out instructions. In less than two months the client was at the two-hour mark. Experiencing this success first thing in the morning was something the client had never experienced before, and this feeling of success made her realise that it felt good to not smoke first thing in the morning. She was motivated to go on to the big goal of four hours of not smoking in the morning.
  • She not only understands the term, “success breeds success”, but feels it too.
  • The client learned that what she thought was not possible simply wasn’t true.
  • The client now realizes that just because there is a thought, does not mean it is true, and that there is in fact a solution.
  • Client learns to challenge more negative thoughts and continues the process with Key #2, 3, 4 & 5.
Client profile: A mature, educated woman struggles with extremely limited beliefs.

The Challenge

From homeless heroin addict to becoming a registered nurse. Smoker says she can’t quit smoking. She says it’s impossible. Needs a massive mental shift.

Our Solution

To demonstrate the power of disempowering beliefs and how to change them permanently. Beginning with the “difficulty” perception. To teach Neuro-linguistic programing and how easy it is to understand and how exactly to “Change your mind”, creating an instant mental transformation.

The Results

In a live event, participants all share some of the adversities they experience in life. Some talk tales of divorce, some on the difficulty of attending school. Barbara also shares to get the group into it. Life is hard, we all have problems. One talks of being a homeless heroin addict, getting clean and becoming a nurse. This took her many years! Most of the stories mention years of endurance and hardships. In the live events we compare and talk about why quitting smoking is so difficult? Where does it hurt. What is the hardest part?

  • This nurse began to understand that when adversities are ranked, she could see quitting smoking pales in comparison. She and the others admit there is no physical pain – at best it just feels uncomfortable. She can see her life’s problems on a scale of 6 to 10, but quitting smoking as only as a 3. She and the others often laugh out loud.
  • This realization of comparisons had the nurse admitting, “I never looked at it this way before.” She experienced the needed mental shift.
  • Hope replaced doubt.
  • She could now see a way out and into something new and wonderful. She was very excited.
  • She now understands how I can say quitting smoking is one of the easiest things I have done.

Your Choices

Please open and close

When you are considering viable solutions for nicotine addictions, I understand you might be presented with highly marketable options. These options might claim some benefits. However, be aware of the following when choosing what is right for your people.


For the most part, what was readily available and in demand due to big budget marketing, was Nicotine Replacement Therapy, (NRT). This is only a band-aid solution, as it does not eliminate the nicotine addiction. It is merely a switch.

Other programs use scare tactics. This works for a few.

Offering something is better than nothing.


  • Often organizations don’t have many choices to select from.
  • Offering something is better than offering nothing.
  • Companies can feel good about offering help.
  • Highly commercialised, profitability driven options get more visibility, giving a false sense of credibility.
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapies, (NRT), do not actually get people off nicotine. It just switches from one form to another.

Why Us?

Please open and close

OriginalAt BMP Productions, we understand that you may have tried other solutions. We know you are not ready to give up. This program is unlike anything you have seen or heard of before. We deal with the elimination of the nicotine addiction once and for all. It is not a nicotine replacement program.

Companies we work with receive the following:


  • The facilitator of the live events is the Founder of the BMP Method.
  • Experienced Master of Transformation and entertaining presenter.
  • Innovative and cutting edge, intellectually stimulating, original content.
  • Access to this type of continued education will show you care


  • The leader in non-pharmaceutical nicotine addiction recovery, performing live, interactive events.
  • Works with a company’s budget in mind.
  • Changing attitudes and how smokers perceive quitting.
  • Program comes with a money back guarantee!

With years of experience working with smokers, (nicotine addicts), Barbara knows they have the same complaints and problems:

  • They are sick of failing.
  • They say there is a part of them self that doesn’t really want to quit.
  • They feel they are giving something up.
  • They don’t understand why quitting is so hard for them.
  • They know smoking is bad for them but they still smoke.
  • Many of them think they have tried it all.
  • Some have given up, saying it’s hopeless or impossible.
  • They are afraid they will become horrible to be around.
  • They think they will always be in a state of cravings.
  • They keep trying “Cold Turkey”, even though they know it doesn’t last.
  • They are afraid of gaining weight.
  • They don’t want to become the dreaded reformed self-righteous ex-smoker.
  • They have no idea how to get ready to quit.
  • Some think they are ready but not sure exactly when is the best time.
  • They procrastinate.

100% of participants who attend the live events leave with all these issues solved. 100% will tell you they now know why it was difficult in the past and how to eliminate the suffering often associated with quitting nicotine. They leave with an action plan. They know exactly what to do and when. Procrastination is replaced with excitement and enthusiasm.

  • Cognitive behavioral programming creates the transformations needed to succeed.
  • Innovative and cutting edge, intellectually stimulating, original content makes the process of quitting fun.
  • It truly is one of a kind. There is nothing else like it. 100% original!
  • The BMP Method offers more than the “therapy” of NRT.
  • Upper management can continue the efforts in offering this type of healthy education to valued workers.

We look forward to serving you. Let’s set up a meeting and you can learn about the 3 phases and 5 keys in a 20- to 30-minute presentation. You won’t be disappointed!

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